Abstract Artist Gallery

Flamboyan Nebula, oil on canvas

I am tickled to announce that I’ve been accepted as part of the wonderful Abstract Artist Gallery website, a site devoted to the art of abstract painting. This site represents the work of very fine artists from around the globe and it was an honor to be accepted to be part of the group. Treat your eyes, your mind and your heart to a visit! http://www.abstractartistsgallery.org

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Example of one of my prints available online

I am working to make my paintings available as fine art reproductions on as many websites as possible. Fine Art America offers over 60 of my works available as prints on paper, canvas or as notecards. This is just one example of a painting I have available as a print. Visit http://www.fineartamerica/profiles/monica-linville.html to see all that I have available.

"Keys" Watercolor on Claybord

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New Horizons

"Ceremony Tree III' Watercolor on paper

I’m back from New York after having a wonderful opening for my “Organica” exhibition and time spent with good, good friends. Now I’m looking towards new horizons. Coming up next? A workshop on the art of painting abstracts!

The Art of Painting Abstracts
Mixed Media Painting Workshop
Sept. 3, 4 & 5th, 2011
The TreeHouse Studio
Rio Grande, PR
9:00AM – 3:00PM

Successful abstract painting is more than emoting on canvas while throwing paint around. Painting a successful abstract is proof of knowing what and how the basic elements of the process work. (line, color, space, shape, etc) If you can master these principles in an abstract painting you will have better understanding how to master them in whatever style you choose to paint in.

I believe that you are already inspired if you sign up to take one of my classes. What you may not have, however, is the tools to make the inspiration work for you. I am a nuts & bolts sort of teacher. I will give you better understanding of what it takes to make a painting work. I will give you the tools to build your creative wings with but I will leave the flying to you.

Fee: $300.00 + $20.00 materials fee (some materials will be provided at the workshop)
Supply list will be provided upon receipt of your 50% deposit.
Contact Info:
Email: monica@monicalinville.com
Phone: 787 346 3153

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“Organica” becomes reality

"3 Sisters" Oil on Canvas

Almost 2 years of work and I am now ready to present the paintings to the public. I can’t really express what it’s meaning to me…. too much on too many levels. But here are a few people that have been with me for the ride and that I thank and I love.

Vrill Tone for having enlightened me.
Philippe Pascal for holding me.
Doreen Raucci for bringing me.
Jessica Golden for taking the risk.

Life is good.

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Classical Guitar at the “Organica” exhibition

As I’ve been talking about over these last few posts (ok, bragging) I am about to open an exhibition of original oil paintings called “Organica”. I am doing this simultaneously in “real life” Saratoga Springs, NY at the House of Creative Soul and in “virtual life” at the Aries Gallery STNY in Second Life. Real time video will be streamed from the gallery in NY in to the virtual gallery, allowing the resident avatars in that dimension to watch the activities at the actual exhibition. At the same time, we will project the virtual event in to the House of Creative Soul, so that attendees may see the events taking place in my Second Life Gallery.

The first hour will be devoted to the poetry of Karima Hoisan and Emile Sands-Stratten, as I have already described in prior posts. The second hour will be filled with the masterful, eclectic sounds of Voodoo Shilton’s classical guitar. His playing will bring melodic elegance to the affair and I am so proud to have him.

oodoo Shilton’s musical interests span a wide range from jazz, blues, and bossa nova to classical, latin, world music, indian music and more. His performances feature many original pieces as well as covers of jazz standards and other songs… all delivered on the nylon string guitar. No backing tracks.. no tricks.. just pure guitar arrangements sure to take you somewhere new and different

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More on “Organica”

The previous posts have explained that “Organica” is an exhibiton of my most recent works in oil, hosted by The House of Creative Soul in Saratoga Springs, Ny on July 14th. In addition to the “real life” opening reception, I am also opening the exhibit simultaneously in the virtual world Second Life.

I celebration of my new exhibit, my sl life friends (and very talented poets and musician) are working with me to make the virtual event a magical 2 hours of art, poetry and music. Karima Hoisan and Emile Sands have choreographed a presentation of their poetry that will combine their reading with beautiful selections of music intended to enhance the experience. Yesterday I shared Karima’s bio with you, today I share Emile’s. Enjoy.

“Emile Sands-Stratten Bio

Emile Sands-Stratten is the Second Life virtual avatar for Kenneth Rounds, an accomplished real-life musician, artist, and poet. His works have been performed across the United States and abroad. Most notably, his musical compositions were performed in Paris, where he studied French culture, literature, and history at the Sorbonne and was graduated with honors in 1990, by the Choeur sans Frontieres at the Cathedrale de St. Marie and on French National Television, by the Orchestre de Brest, in Brittany France, and by select chamber artists in Corsica, London, Vienna, and St. Petersburg.

Mr. Rounds’ literary works have been published in numerous university publications, journals, and newspapers, including the SUNY Fredonia newspaper and the 19th Century Journal of French Studies. Fluent in French, Mr. Rounds is a former French teacher and film score composer, having been awarded the Mozart Scholarship for excellence in musical performance and composition in 1986.

In addition to his passion for writing music and poetry, Mr. Rounds is an accomplished chef with an honorary Cordon d’Or from the culinary institute of southern France in Orange, where he lived and studied. His most recent work is in the field of creative services, graphic design, and advertising where he worked in New York City as a creative director for one of the world’s largest professional services and accounting firms.

Presently Mr. Rounds lives in Western New York and is working on a series of poetry and musical compositions to be published in book and CD formats.

Mr. Rounds is also a philanthropist and started the now national Virtual Healing Initiative, which is aimed at encouraging people to work with patients in nursing homes, hospitals, and most recently, U.S. soldiers returning from over-seas duties, to introduce them to the advantages of virtual worlds, like Second Life, as a part of their rehabilitation efforts.

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Poetry Choreographed

Today I want to tell you about the two poets who will be blessing my “Organica” opening in Second Life with their talents. As I explained in the last post, I am opening my exhibition of oil paintings simultaneously in real life (Saratoga Springs, NY) and in the virtual universe known as Second Life. The opening reception is a two hour event, and for the Second Life dimension Karima Hoisan and Emile Sands will be reading their poems, some inspired by the paintings in the exhibition, others inspired by their souls. Each poem will be enhanced with a special selection of music. It’s an enchanting experience and for those residents of Second Life who are reading this blog, I do hope you’ll come for the experience.

Today’s post will focus on Karima. Let me just share her story with you.

“I was born in the United States of immigrant parents and we moved to Costa Rica soon afterwards. I had my high school education in the USA but returned to live on a Costa Rican cattle ranch, living there for ten years without electricity .Our only entertainment was reading by candlelight. Books took on an incredible importance to us, and we became expert readers. Had television been available I believe this would not have happened.

I am a natural poet, not studied and have written since age 9. I have both poetry and short stories published in Spanish in Costa Rica. I separate my Sl and RL identies and write under a pen-name in Real Life too. Being tri-national, I call all three countries home, and I am fluent in English, Spanish, and Arabic. I now reside in both Costa Rica and Jordan (six months in each).
I have two books of poetry published, two books of children’s poetry and am featured in an anthology of 13 poets chosen internationally and published this year in the USA
I plan on publishing my blog “Digital Rabbithole” also in RL in a soft-cover format.
I give regular readings in SL on stream with selected music behind and everyday here is an inspiration.”

Please join us and meet this beautiful woman at the Aries Gallery STNY in Second Life.
July 14, 2011
3:00PM SLT

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Crossing over both worlds for “Organica”

The countdown has started for my upcoming exhibition of oil paintings to be held at The House of Creative Soul in Saratoga Springs, NY. Titled “Organica” the work represents a new direction I’ve taken with the oil paints over the last year or so. You can see a preview of the paintings by visiting http://www.organica.monicalinville.com/index.php.

I am also opening this show simultaneously within the virtual world of Second Life. This is what I mean by the title of this posting “Crossing Over”. I have a virtual, 3D gallery in Second Life that will exhibit the same paintings I am showing in Saratoga. In attendance will be people (represented by their avatars) from around the world. I will be projecting this virtual event in to the New York gallery so that people can see it from that perspective and at the same time I will be streaming real time video of the actual opening reception in to Second Life so that the visitors there can see what’s happening “outside”.

During the event taking place in Second Life, there will be two activities in addition to viewing the art. During the first hour, Karima Hoisan, a poet who splits her time between Costa Rica and Jordan, and Emile Sands, a poet from western New York State, will perform together, presenting a reading of their work that will be choreographed to a selection of music. During the second hour Voodoo Shilton, a classical guitarist from New Jersey, will be performing his own compositions as well as his unique interpretations of others. These 3 people are amazingly talented and that they are giving of their time to do this for me overwhelms me with gratitude.

If you are interested in observing this virtual phenomenon, you will first need to go to http://www.secondlife.com and download the portal software. You will be guided through the registration process and the creation of your avatar, which is how you will navigate the world. Once done with that, do an inworld search for either Littleone Aries (that would be me) or Philippe Pascal and explain what you are interested in doing. We can guide you to the gallery.

Keep an eye on my blog because in the coming days I will tell you more about these wonderful artists who are helping to make BOTH my worlds beautiful places to be.

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Seeing the rainforest the way I do

Starting tomorrow I’ll be up at El Portal, the visitors’ center for El Yunque’s National Rainforest. I’ll have a nice selection of archival fine art reproductions of oil paintings and watercolors I’ve done over the years. I’m fortunate in that the originals of these images have mostly sold but with today’s technology I can still offer them to the public at very reasonable prices.

I’ve also started offering hand painted journals of different sizes. I’m using the moleskine journal, a long time tradition of artists and writers since the Impressionists first started using them. The pages are blank so they can be used for both sketching and writing. They make great gifts! A friend ordered 20 of them to use as hostess gifts and Christmas gifts.

El Portal is located on Rte 191 in Rio Grande, just before the entrance to the park. We’re there Thursday through Sunday, 9 – 4:00 PM. Come on and join us! Enjoy the view…enjoy the art.

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In Puerto Rico? Come see me in the rainforest!

"Mundillo Strings" Watercolor on Paper

I will be up at the El Portal Visitors’ Center this weekend, at the El Yunque National Rainforest, displaying my work and working my work! This month I’m introducing some new prints that represent a techinique that I developed back in the early 90’s that I call Fusionism. This technique is a process that either uses distinct drawings layered upon one another to create a tapestry-like effect or takes individual pieces of one drawing and inserts them in to another for some fabulous textural effects. I’ve pulled some of the paintings that I think well represent this technique and made some lovely archival, fine art prints available to the public. I’m showing them for the first time this weekend at El Portal.

You’ll also have the opportunity to see a work in progress. This month I’ll be working on a mixed media tapestry, using paint, embroidery and beads. This process results in intensely colored, rich, textural tapestries meant to be framed and hung like any other fine art painting. As with Fusionism, this is a process unique to me that I developed in response to my love of pattern and texture in my paintings. In this case the texture is true to the touch!

We’ll be up on the second floor of the center, Thursday through Sunday, from 9-4:00. El Portal is located on the right side of Rte. 191, just before the entrance to the park, in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. Come see the beauty of the rainforest through the eyes of an artist!

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