HeartbeatThe plan is to use this blog as my official “Heartbeat” website where people can come to see the progress I’m making on my project. I plan on uploading images, video (if I can figure it all out) and text about my experiences. Please follow along on my journey and by all means share it with your friends!

I’ve received my funds and now it’s time to bring in supplies and get to work. I’ve already made connections with some dance studios here on the island and one up in North Carolina. I wasn’t able to convince the New York City Ballet to allow me access to their rehearsal halls in July, so I moved on to other options.

I attended my first dance session this past week at the studio of Luis Lizardi, who teaches all forms of latin dance as well as ballet. The class I attended was Salsa and some samplings of Merengue. I can’t do a painting project about dance while living in Puerto Rico and NOT include Salsa and Merengue! It was the perfect first step on my adventure.

Next week I will be visiting the studios of the Balleteatro Nacional de Puerto Rico. Laura Valentin, a prima ballerina with the troupe, has opened her arms in welcome to me and my project. She’s given me free run of the classrooms and I’m thrilled!

I think the evolution of this project is going to be really interesting because I have a feeling that by the time I’m done there will be musicians and artists from other disciplines involved as well. Can’t think of a better way to generate positive energy….something the world is sorely in need of.

Blessings to all!


About monicalinvillefineart

I have been a working studio artist for over 30 years now. Self-taught, painting has been as much a part of my life as breathing. I learned by doing. Over 20 of those years have been spent on a little mountain in the Caribbean where my primary studio is located. I recently opened a second studio in Saratoga Springs, New York. I made the decision years ago that the best way to get people interested in coming to see my paintings was to simply be the best painter I could possibly be. Easel time. I put in a LOT of easel time. The gods have been good as I have been fortunate that in spite of my isolation from the art markets of the world, people still seek me out and find me. My work is now in collections around the world and students come to my mountain in search of instruction. My life has been good. I offer my world up to you as a refuge. I believe that is the purpose of my art.... it is a sanctuary for my soul while creating it and I would like it to be a sanctuary for yours while viewing it. I want to dance with you. I want to be part of your thoughts. I want to be part of your memory. Be delighted, please. Delight soothes the soul.
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4 Responses to Underway

  1. I was thinking in the Vermont ballet conservatory …..my daughter, Carla, teaches ballet there and is one of the choreographers as well. Vermont is beautiful in the summer…want to talk about it? I can give you Carla’s phone and you can contact her. Best, Alida

    • Carla Wuthrich says:

      Beautiful and definitely moving in many ways… Hi, Monica. My mother is talking about the Vermont Ballet Theater and School for which I am a teacher and choreographer. While Vermont is beautiful in the summer, The company is mostly on break after a few performances in early June during which they will perform one of my pieces – 4 movements from Mozart’s Requiem called Joy Comes in the Morning. I understand and appreciate your sentiments in your bio. Blessings to you and if you are so moved to find your way up I87 and across the lake, look us up.

      • Hi Carla,

        Thanks so much for getting in touch with me. Ballet amongst the beauty of Vermont would be an amazing experience. I’m sorry it won’t work out this summer, but this project will be ongoing for a couple of years at least. Perhaps sometime in the future….. Best of luck with the performance of your work. Just the title tells me it will be glorious. Blessings! Monica.

  2. beach-chair says:

    someone once gave me a “painting” of penguin feet that had walked across the canvas… maybe you could get the salsa people or ballerinas to put paint on their feet or toe shoes and… just popped into my little brain 🙂

    perhaps I should pop away now…

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