I can’t think of anything good to write about

I’m an artist. Aren’t I supposed to have a HUGE ego? A bottomless thirst for attention? The need to put my work up on walls and shout “Look at me! Look at me!”? I had a nun tell me that once…when I was little and showed her some drawing of a face I did. Little kids are always drawing faces, no? I seem to remember her saying that it looked like me and that it was vain to draw yourself and a sin. I remember thinking “This looks like me? It’s just a face.” and then going back to my desk and saying the rosary 3000 times for penance.

I’m still doing penance, I think, caught up in the dilemma of simply wanting to paint and HAVING to paint to keep a roof over my head. I get embarrassed by the attention it brings though. I don’t trust people who gush over my paintings but I get sad when my work seems invisible to others. I don’t think anything I have to say about my work is particularly interesting or matters to the general scheme of things. BUT…. if I want to keep buying paint and brushes and stay in my studio, I need to yell out to the world from my little mountain on a little island in the middle of a very big ocean HERE I AM!!!! Buy my art!!!! Please?

And so I blog and try a figure out good tags so people will find me. Wonder if people will google “sin” today?


About monicalinvillefineart

I have been a working studio artist for over 30 years now. Self-taught, painting has been as much a part of my life as breathing. I learned by doing. Over 20 of those years have been spent on a little mountain in the Caribbean where my primary studio is located. I recently opened a second studio in Saratoga Springs, New York. I made the decision years ago that the best way to get people interested in coming to see my paintings was to simply be the best painter I could possibly be. Easel time. I put in a LOT of easel time. The gods have been good as I have been fortunate that in spite of my isolation from the art markets of the world, people still seek me out and find me. My work is now in collections around the world and students come to my mountain in search of instruction. My life has been good. I offer my world up to you as a refuge. I believe that is the purpose of my art.... it is a sanctuary for my soul while creating it and I would like it to be a sanctuary for yours while viewing it. I want to dance with you. I want to be part of your thoughts. I want to be part of your memory. Be delighted, please. Delight soothes the soul.
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